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*   A workshop provides effective and highly beneficial hands-on self defense training.

*   A safe and fun educational atmosphere is the ideal platform

for all participants to reap their greatest rewards & benefits.

*   Every workshop offers some academic guidance to complement

the physical exercises.  (Some discussion and insight into the

mental and emotional aspects of personal protection can be just

as crucial as the tangible drills.)

*   Work at your own pace, and as physically intense or as easy

as desired - this helps produce maximum results and participation from the group.

What is taught:   Basic physical and theoretical aspects of conflict avoidance, hand-to-

        hand conflict resolution, and some basic weapons neutralization.

Furthermore, clients may request to focus on a particular area of self defense.  All

        workshops can be tailored to accommodate special requests & events.

For specialized training in the most effective & practical martial art: Wing Chun Gung Fu.

Duration:  2 hours is the most common session time.  

Shorter or longer times can be arranged.

Location:  Workshops may be held at the SDTI headquarters

        in Centennial (near I-25 and Arapahoe Rd), or we may

        travel to the client’s location of choice.  

As with past training locations such as hospitals, elementary

        schools, & the high lakes of equatorial Africa, the SDTI

        can accommodate your needs!

2 types of workshops:  Group Workshop & Private Lesson

Group Workshop:  Designed for multiple participants, with no maximum; includes

        all necessary training equipment.  Our most popular service!

Cost:  base rate per person is $30 for a standard 2 hour workshop.

Private Lesson:  Designed for 1-on-1 personal

        instruction; includes all necessary training


Cost:  $30/hr.

Details / reservations:  

       Please call or email Keith at the SDTI.


“The SDTI conducted a workshop at my job. The instructor was very friendly and easy to work with. The self defense course I attended was tailored to meet the needs of our group based on the kind of work we do. The instructor and assistants provided information and demonstrations of techniques then allowed us ample time to practice and get feedback on our techniques. I would highly recommend the SDTI to others looking for self defense or martial arts training.”                                                                                               - January 2014 workshop participant

“They are skills everyone needs to know. I definitely have and will continue to recommend people to this class.”                                                                                                                               - January 2014 workshop participant