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       A demonstration is an exhibition of either general self defense principles and techniques, or of the traditional Chinese martial art of Wing Chun Gung Fu, with little to no hands-on training by the observers.  A demonstration can be presented to very large groups of any size.

What is taught:   The audience will presented with visual

illustration and verbal guidance on self defense techniques,

applications, and scenarios.

       Dynamic interaction helps facilitate interest by having

the instructor’s personal students and/or volunteers from the

audience assist in the demonstration.

Duration:  30 minutes is an average duration for a demo.

       The venue and audience are the two main factors that

typically dictate the time required.  

       Past demonstrations have ranged from 10 min to 2 hr.

Location:  The demonstration will be held at the requested location.

       Examples of past venues include a grade school and a movie theater.

Cost:  The $500 fee is based on a 1 hour demonstration for an unlimited number of participants, and includes all necessary training equipment.

       The fee may be adjusted depending on your requested duration and location.

For further details, please call or email Keith at the SDTI.